List of all of the services

Business advisory and bookkeeping

Civil and commercial advice

Complete bookkeeping / tax advice

Consultancy for expats

Creation of companies / autonomos

Labor Consultancy

Tax Advisory for Individuals

Tax and accounting

Traffic authority (DGT)

Electrical work

24 hour emergency electrical services

Boat electrics

Electrical Installations

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

Home theater creation


Other electric services

Renewable energy

Safety and Security

Satellite and TV

Services for electric cars

Smart home services

Telecommunications networks


Garden construction works

Garden electrics

Garden maintenance

Garden waste disposal

Hedge services

Landscape design and installation

Lawn care

Palm tree care

Plant health care

Privacy and noise protection

Raised bed construction

Robot lawn mower services

Small land works

Tree care & pruning

Tree planting

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Air conditioning


Hot water



Insurance for companies

Credit Insurance for companies
Cyber Insurance for for companies
Property insurance for companies
Liability insurance for companies
Administrator liability insurance
Premises insurance for companies
Employment contract insurance for companies
Cargo insurance for companies
Vehicle insurance for companies
Vehicle fleet insurance for companies
Construction insurance for companies

Insurance for individuals

Life Insurance for individuals
Health insurance for individuals
Accident Insurance for individuals
Home Insurance for individuals
Vehicle Insurance for individuals
Obligatory car insurance for individuals
Contents insurance for individuals
Community building insurance for individuals
Boat insurance for individuals
Travel insurance for individuals
Pension plan for individuals
Pet insurance for individuals

Insurance for self employed autonomo

Liability Insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Commercial property insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Employment Contract Insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Vehicle Insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Health Insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Sick leave insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Accident insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Retirement insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Life insurance for self employed (autonomo)
Cyber insurance for self employed (autonomo)

Legal Advice

Corporate Legal Advice

Advice on commercial and business law for companies
Advice on civil law, arbitration for companies
Advice on mediation for companies
Advice on maritime law for companies
Advice on tax law for companies
Advice on real estate and construction law for companies
Advice on labour law and human resources for companies
Advice on internationalisation of companies
Advice on administrative law for companies
Advice on Industrial and intelectual law for companies
Advice on IT and data protection for companies
Advice on corporate criminal law for companies
Advice on bankruptcy
Advice on banking law for companies
Advice on corporate social responsibility for companies

Private Legal advice

Advice on rental agreements for individuals
Advice on family and divorce law for individuals
Advice on traffic accidents for individuals
Advice on tax law for individuals
Advice on Immigration Law (Residence Permit - residencia)

Mortgage services

Mortgage services

Real estate finance consulting
Mortgage assistance
Construction mortgage
Mortgage subrogation
Bridge loan