Tree treatments - how does it work?

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Tree treatments - details

A tree can live for a long time.

However, it is well known that trees do not live forever, and some of them die long before they are fully grown. If a tree is sick, but has power and is obviously fighting for life, in such a case we should understand the problem of the disease from a biological point of view.

Good gardeners and all who are interested in the good condition of trees will be able to benefit from a little science!

The main enemies of trees are:

Environmental stress (like lack of water, poor soil, strong winds, a surplus or shortage of light);insect pests that feed on or damage the tissue, especially ticks; fungi that can attack healthy trees.

Bacteria and viruses.

Invasive species, exotic diseases and fungal diseases are to be treated with fungicides. Insecticides are used against insects and small eaters, such as worms or mealy bugs. It is necessary to differentiate preventive methods of treatment (which are used to avoid the propagation of insects and diseases) from therapeutic treatments (for treatment of diseases). The same products are often used in different proportions.

Synthetic chemicals (pesticides) are used less frequently in gardens and tend to be replaced by more environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore, the annual use of certain pesticides by professional and amateur gardeners is forbidden.

For purposes of organic farming three kinds of products are mainly used:

  • White oils and vegetable oils
  • Whitewash
  • Chemical fungicides