Shrub planting - how does it work?

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Shrub planting - details

"Ornamental shrub" is not a scientific, botanical term, but a colloquial expression.

Ornamental shrubs are bushes of seed plants that, like ornamental herbs, ornamental vegetables, or cut flowers, are appreciated for their appearance.

An experienced gardener can create an ornament from (large-flowered) flowers, fruits, and leaves, taking into account the special growth and vivid branching of plants.

Ornamental shrubs enrich the garden with a variety of flowers and shapes. And like other ornamental plants, such plants have a great creative impact on the environment in the context of garden decoration.

Unlike ornamental trees, ornamental shrubs do not have a central trunk, but have many thin twigs in the form of shoots. Twigs of an ornamental shrub either branch out near the ground, or grow directly from the ground without forming a trunk.

However, ornamental plants usually need more attention from the gardener in terms of care, pruning and growing.

Ornamental garden shrubs can be evergreen or deciduous, but smaller cultivar species are suitable as container or potted plants.

Many ornamental shrubs bring an interesting design element to the garden, but these are mostly exotic ornamental shrubs.

It should be kept in mind that exotic ornamental plants do not produce fruits, such as those ofthe viburnum or cherry tree.

Unlike classic fruit bushes, ornamental plants may not ripen for many reasons, due to cool summers, rains, and so on.

Some ornamental shrubs can even be poisonous, containing strong plant poisons in leaves, needles, flowers, bark, seeds, fruits or berries.

Taking into account the importance of biodiversity and the preservation of natural biotopes (plant and animal communities),ornamental shrubs should be planted thoughtfully and carefully and to a large extent in favor of local shrubs.

Natural shrubs are distinguished by the fact that they do not need to be trimmed and fertilized often, by contrast withexotic decorative shrubs.

In addition, such plants are not expensive and are less sensitive to temperature extremes and the local climate.

An experienced gardener will always be able to advise the customer on how to properly plant a garden and create a competent palette of plants. It should be noted that, if only evergreen ornamental shrubs are chosen, the garden will become monotonous due to always displaying the same green color, lacking other colors and variety.