Garden wedding design - how does it work?

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Garden wedding design - details

A wedding venue is one of the most expensive items in the budget of the main event in your life.

But many questions arise:

  • Should you do everything yourself or entrust the organization of the event to an experienced wedding agency in order to hold the wedding in your own garden?
  • Is it really cheaper to celebrate a wedding in your own garden?

A wedding doesn't have to cost too much – quite the opposite. More and more bridal couples choose to celebrate marriage in their own garden; such a wedding is not as expensive as a pompous ceremony, but is just as gorgeous.

But how exactly can you plan an unforgettable, inexpensive garden wedding? Couples usually spend several thousand euros on a perfect venue. If you are celebrating your wedding in your own garden, you are saving money.

If you do not have your own garden, this is not a problem: just ask your relatives or friends – someone from among them will provide you with their garden as a location for this special day. The only important consideration is that there must be a place for the tent, in case the weather should suddenly become capricious.

A wedding is the most beautiful day in your life! In order to make it happen that way, the wedding celebration must be well prepared.MastersMine advises you to invite a trusted specialist in organizing weddings to help you, because there are many details that only an experienced specialist can know. Such a person will assume responsibility long before the wedding, not to mention on the day of the celebration. A married couple should not solve organizational problems such as: “Where are the drinks? Is everything in the kitchen? Where did the extension cords disappear and when will the cake be brought in?"

As you will understand, the location and size of the garden, the number of guests and other details affect the cost of the event.

It is good to celebrate a wedding in the garden with relatives only– because the space there is limited. The guest list should only include family and friends of the bride and groom: depending on the size of the garden,no more than forty guests. This number of guests is ideal for a celebration.

When planning the budget, it will become clear that significant costs are created by details such as location and equipment, number of guests invited, catering level, etc.

Wherever you invite guests – to a place rented by you for a wedding celebration or to your own garden – remember that you are starting from the beginning and should think about everything.

A tent, furniture, WC, refrigerators, etc. –everything must be organized in advance and to the highest level.

“We're celebrating our wedding in the garden! You don't need a lot of excessive things. A tent, grill, drinks, fabulous decorations and illumination. We can quickly organize it ourselves. All the guests will be relaxed and barefoot. Better barbecue than gourmet cuisine!" – or so the newlyweds think.

But such spontaneous weddings and their relaxed mood require electricity, WC, furniture, food and drinks, as well as staff who cook, serve, bring and take away used dishes, and much more.

As you can see, it is not as simple as you might think.
MastersMine compared and calculated some of the positions of the wedding garden, based on40 invited guests.

Renting a tent of 40 sq.m- 50 sq.m will cost approximately € 450
Tent floor 40 sq.m - 50 sq.m: € 300
Suspended fabric ceilings with light inside: € 250

Rental price for one tent only: € 1.000

In addition, there are the following costs:

  • for transportation, assembly and disassembly of the wedding tent:about € 300
  • tent lighting (for illumination and fairy lights): about € 300
  • heating or air conditioning (depending on the season)
  • partitions and screens: for example, to separate catering from guests
  • also, final cleaning of all rented equipment

Thus, already a single "Tent" position can easily exceed the amount of € 2.000

Tables, furniture, bar and other leisure areas
6 large folding tables for 40 persons:€ 350
40 wooden chairs with cushions: € 400
6 buffet tables: € 180
Armchairs and sofas: € 230
Wooden bar: € 200
Gift table: € 40

Approximate cost of furniture: € 1.400

Food and drinks
BBQ and buffet for 40 guests (€ 40 / person): € 1.600
Dinnerware (plates, glasses, cutlery at€ 3 / person): € 120
Alcohol, wine, beer, water, juices, coffee, tea (€ 27 / person): € 1.080
Wedding cake: € 200

Wedding catering: € 3.000

Musical accompaniment
DJ from € 500, good music group from € 1.000

In addition, there will be the expense of renting bathrooms, refrigeration systems, support personnel, bartending services, etc.
The wedding organizer’s fee will start from € 1.000

Thus, a garden wedding for 40 persons can cost around € 8.000 to € 10.000.

MastersMine provides some important items for a successful garden wedding, and asks the following questions:

  • How large is your wedding budget?
  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Are there places in the garden for different areas, such as the wedding ceremony area, a barbecue area, etc.?
  • Are there cozy corners for guests?
  • Will the guests be able to dance comfortably?
  • How about "dancing barefoot" on a beautiful lawn?
  • What do you offer your guests: barbecue, buffet table, multi-course menu?
  • What furniture and how much of it do you need?
  • How many service personnel do you need?
  • Who will assemble and disassemble all the inventory?
  • Where will the waste be disposed of?
  • How will the wardrobe be organized?
  • Where will food and drinks be stored?
  • Is there an electrical connection in the garden?
  • Is there a water supply and sewerage in the garden?
  • Are there fountains, ponds, steps, trees, terraces, etc. in the garden?
  • Are there romantic benches in the garden?
  • What is planned for the little guests at your wedding ceremony: for example, an Indian wigwam for games?
  • Is an animator invited to entertain the children?
  • Rent only stable furniture. The risk of accidents for guests and newlyweds on unreliable furniture is too high.
  • Don't forget high quality guest bathrooms. It is recommended that you rent a toilet module; that is, a trailer. Never rent plastic toilets for a garden wedding!
  • Make a plan of electrical connections for various points in the garden: refrigerator, music system, speakers, tent and pavilion lighting, illumination, etc. Hanging lamps or fairy lights in the branches of trees will create a romantic mood. Old watering cans, buckets and ladders can also be used for lighting and illumination.