Garden maintenance - how does it work?

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Garden maintenance - details

Depending on the season, your garden look will vary. That`s why you should know in advance what care will be required depending on the season. Winter gardening completely differs from summer gardening.

Forest occurs in winter, and gardening requires more active measures. The most sensitive and frost susceptible crops can be protected in greenhouses or insulated with natural materials.

In winter, it is not advisable to prune trees in order to avoid the risk of their freezing, we recommend to wait until the average daily temperature rises. In spring, the air temperature rises, and it is time for hard work in the garden. Already planted trees need to be fertilized, as well as it is time to plant new crops.

Plants wake up from winter sleep and we should to help them to recover. If it was not done at the end of winter, then it is time to do it now. As warm weather sets in, the first pests and diseases appear, so we should to act quickly and immediately.

In summer, daylight hours increase, plants perform photosynthesis more actively that will favorably affect the quantity and quality of the crop. Our task is to control the growth of plants and solve problems if they arise.

In autumn leaves gradually fall, crops need to be prepared for winter. Our main task is to prepare the garden for winter. It is necessary to get the crops in, take up cold sensitive trees and shrubs, to collect fallen leaves, to prepare the garden for "winter sleep".