Ilia Asenov

Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Property Manager

Autonomo (self-employed)
Experience 22 years
Español, English, Русский
Ilia Asenov is a property manager with more than 20 years of experience in construction, renovation, maintenance and administration of all types of homes and buildings. Ilia provides professional advice and a final result that satisfies even the most demanding of customers. For construction and renovation, Ilia and his team of highly skilled professionals use the best materials to create unique projects with attention to all details. For maintenance, such as cleaning, garden and pool care, only the best products are used by experts, to make sure that the property is in top shape year round. Ilia is at the disposal of the client 24 hours a day, to attend emergencies and make sure the property owner has as little problems to deal with.
Professional portfolio
To contact Ilia Asenov for a service, select the desired service and describe exactly what must be done.
Garden construction works
Garden brickwork Garden brickwork €23.00 / hour
Garden carpentry Garden carpentry €19.00 / hour
Garden construction works Garden construction works €24.00 / hour
Garden furniture assembly Garden furniture assembly €23.00 / hour
Garden painting Garden painting €22.00 / hour
Garden plastering Garden plastering €24.00 / hour
Garden plumbing Garden plumbing €22.00 / hour
Irrigation System Installation Irrigation System Installation €22.00 / hour
Irrigation System maintenance Irrigation System maintenance €22.00 / hour
Other small assembly work Other small assembly work €22.00 / hour
Shelf assembly and mounting Shelf assembly and mounting €22.00 / hour
Wall decoration Wall decoration €23.00 / hour
Water Features (Fountains etc.) installation Water Features (Fountains etc.) installation €24.00 / hour
Garden electrics
Garden electrics removal Garden electrics removal €25.00 / hour
Garden electrics repair Garden electrics repair €25.00 / hour
Garden lights installation Garden lights installation Starting from €25.00
LED spots / spotlights installation LED spots / spotlights installation €25.00 / hour
Light switch installation Light switch installation €25.00 / hour
Motion detector installation Motion detector installation €25.00 / hour
Smart home / smart garden integration Smart home / smart garden integration €25.00 / hour
Underground cable laying Underground cable laying €25.00 / hour
Garden maintenance
Garden advice and design Garden advice and design €18.00 / hour
Garden cleaning Garden cleaning €18.00 / hour
Garden maintenance Garden maintenance €17.00 / hour
Garden waste disposal Garden waste disposal €19.00 / hour
Garden watering Garden watering €17.00 / hour
General maintenance in communities General maintenance in communities €18.00 / hour
General maintenance in hotels General maintenance in hotels €17.00 / hour
General maintenance in private homes General maintenance in private homes €18.00 / hour
Pressure washing Pressure washing €17.00 / hour
Weeding and weed prevention Weeding and weed prevention €17.00 / hour
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
Air conditioner electrical connection Air conditioner electrical connection €23.00 / hour
Convector heater installation Convector heater installation €23.00 / hour
Convector heater repair Convector heater repair €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler heater installation Electric boiler heater installation €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler heater removal Electric boiler heater removal €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler heater repair Electric boiler heater repair €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler installation Electric boiler installation €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler removal Electric boiler removal €23.00 / hour
Electric boiler repair Electric boiler repair €23.00 / hour
Electric floor heating installation Electric floor heating installation €23.00 / m2
Electric floor heating removal Electric floor heating removal €23.00 / hour
Electric floor heating repair Electric floor heating repair €23.00 / hour
Heat pump installation Heat pump installation €23.00 / hour
Heat pump removal Heat pump removal €23.00 / hour
Heat pump repair Heat pump repair €23.00 / hour
Infrared heater removal Infrared heater removal €23.00 / hour
Infrared heater repair Infrared heater repair €23.00 / hour
Radiator installation Radiator installation €23.00 / hour
Radiator removal Radiator removal €23.00 / hour
Ventilator installation Ventilator installation €23.00 / hour
Ventilator removal Ventilator removal €23.00 / hour
Ventilator repair Ventilator repair €23.00 / hour
Lawn care
Advice and design Advice and design €20.00 / hour
Lawn care Lawn care €20.00 / hour
Lawn edging Lawn edging €18.00 / hour
Lawn edging removal Lawn edging removal €20.00 / hour
Lawn edging stones Lawn edging stones €20.00 / hour
Lawn mowing Lawn mowing €18.00 / hour
Lawn renovation Lawn renovation €20.00 / hour
Lawn scarification (e.g. moss removal) Lawn scarification (e.g. moss removal) €20.00 / hour
Lawn seeding Lawn seeding €18.00 / m2
Lawn strimming Lawn strimming €18.00 / hour
Lawn turfing Lawn turfing €19.00 / m2
Soil excavation Soil excavation €20.00 / hour
Subgrade preparation Subgrade preparation €20.00 / hour
Turf laying Turf laying €20.00 / m2
Palm tree care
Palm tree general maintenance Palm tree general maintenance Starting from €30.00
Palm tree planting Palm tree planting Starting from €28.00
Palm tree pruning Palm tree pruning Starting from €28.00
Palm tree treatments Palm tree treatments Starting from €24.00
Pool installation
Installation of pumps, filters, heaters, etc Installation of pumps, filters, heaters, etc €25.00 / hour
Pool reforms, repairs & tiling Pool reforms, repairs & tiling €25.00 / hour
Salt water pool systems Salt water pool systems €35.00 / hour
Supply of pool accessories Supply of pool accessories Starting from €25.00
Supply of pool equipment Supply of pool equipment Starting from €25.00
Swimming pool construction Swimming pool construction Starting from €25.00
Swimming pool removal Swimming pool removal €25.00 / hour
Swimming pool waste disposal Swimming pool waste disposal €25.00 / hour
Pool maintenance
Emptying skimmer baskets Emptying skimmer baskets €20.00 / hour
Hot tub cleaning Hot tub cleaning €21.00 / hour
Hot tub maintenance / repair Hot tub maintenance / repair €21.00 / hour
Leak detection Leak detection €25.00 / hour
Pool emptying Pool emptying €21.00 / hour
Pool filter cleaning Pool filter cleaning €21.00 / hour
Pool filters programming Pool filters programming €22.00 / hour
Pool maintenance Pool maintenance €22.00 / hour
Pool water analysis Pool water analysis €21.00 / hour
Provision of chemicals for pool Provision of chemicals for pool Starting from €21.00
Specialist advice on pool equipment Specialist advice on pool equipment €21.00 / hour
Specialist advice on pool sanitation methods Specialist advice on pool sanitation methods €22.00 / hour
Swimming pool cleaning Swimming pool cleaning €22.00 / hour
Underwater pool repairs Underwater pool repairs €21.00 / hour
Raised bed construction
Raised bed construction Raised bed construction €25.00 / hour
Raised bed filling Raised bed filling €24.00 / hour
Raised bed preparation Raised bed preparation €24.00 / hour
Raised bed protection covers Raised bed protection covers €24.00 / hour
Repair services
Bathroom renovation Bathroom renovation €23.00 / hour
Brickwork Brickwork €23.00 / hour
Carpentry work Carpentry work €23.00 / hour
Ceiling repair Ceiling repair €23.00 / hour
Construction of walls and partitions Construction of walls and partitions €23.00 / hour
Construction waste disposal Construction waste disposal €23.00 / hour
Electrical work Electrical work €23.00 / hour
Emergency home repairs Emergency home repairs €23.00 / hour
Furniture assembly Furniture assembly €23.00 / hour
Furniture repair Furniture repair €23.00 / hour
Handyman services Handyman services €23.00 / hour
Home renovation works Home renovation works €23.00 / hour
Household appliance installation Household appliance installation €23.00 / hour
Household appliance removal Household appliance removal €23.00 / hour
Kitchen renovation Kitchen renovation €23.00 / hour
Metal work Metal work €23.00 / hour
Minor renovation works Minor renovation works €23.00 / hour
Painting Painting €23.00 / hour
Parquet works Parquet works €23.00 / hour
Plasterboard works Plasterboard works €23.00 / hour
Plastering Plastering €23.00 / hour
Plumbing work Plumbing work €23.00 / hour
Renovation works Renovation works €23.00 / hour
Repair of household appliances Repair of household appliances €23.00 / hour
Roof repair Roof repair €23.00 / hour
Tile installation and repairs Tile installation and repairs €23.00 / hour
Wall removal Wall removal €23.00 / hour
Small land works
Digging Digging €22.00 / hour
Disposal of excavated earth Disposal of excavated earth €22.00 / m3
Foundation digging Foundation digging Starting from €26.00
Foundation laying Foundation laying Starting from €24.00
Other excavation works Other excavation works Starting from €24.00
Pit excavation Pit excavation Starting from €23.00
Small land works Small land works €22.00 / hour
Soil ploughing Soil ploughing €20.00 / hour
Stone crushing Stone crushing €22.00 / hour
Tree planting
Fertilising and nutrition Fertilising and nutrition €19.00 / hour
Hole digging for plants Hole digging for plants €19.00 / unit
Installation of support accessories Installation of support accessories €20.00 / hour
Trees, shrubs, flowers planting Trees, shrubs, flowers planting €19.00 / hour
27.01.2022 12:23
I got in touch with various professionals regarding a kitchen wall renovation and a minor bathroom renovation. Ilya gave me the best quote and I was very pleased with the outcome. Ilya is outstanding at what he does.
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