Bernadi Cabanellas Bigas

Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Gardener, Landscape designer, Arborist

Autonomo (self-employed)
Experience 6 years
Bernadi Cabanellas is a professional gardener that offers a large array of garden care and maintenance services. Bernadi is an expert in pruning and felling of trees such as palm trees, pine trees and many more. Bernardi has the training, experience, permits and technology to take care of tall trees and all kinds of plants that one might find in a Mediterranean garden. From garden design to maintenance and waste removal, Bernadi does it all.
To contact Bernadi Cabanellas Bigas for a service, select the desired service and describe exactly what must be done.
Garden maintenance
Garden advice and design Garden advice and design €20.00 / hour
Garden cleaning Garden cleaning €20.00 / hour
Garden maintenance Garden maintenance €20.00 / hour
Garden waste disposal Garden waste disposal €20.00 / hour
Garden watering Garden watering €20.00 / hour
General maintenance in communities General maintenance in communities €20.00 / hour
General maintenance in hotels General maintenance in hotels €20.00 / hour
General maintenance in private homes General maintenance in private homes €20.00 / hour
Pressure washing Pressure washing €20.00 / hour
Weeding and weed prevention Weeding and weed prevention €20.00 / hour
Garden waste disposal
Compost heap disposal Compost heap disposal €20.00 / hour
Disposal of other garden waste Disposal of other garden waste €20.00 / hour
Green waste / leaves disposal Green waste / leaves disposal €20.00 / hour
Soil disposal Soil disposal €20.00 / hour
Stones / rubble disposal Stones / rubble disposal €20.00 / hour
Tree roots / wood disposal Tree roots / wood disposal €20.00 / hour
Hedge services
Hedge planting Hedge planting €20.00 / hour
Hedge removal Hedge removal €20.00 / hour
Hedge trimming (pruning) Hedge trimming (pruning) €20.00 / hour
Hedge trimming (topiary) Hedge trimming (topiary) €20.00 / hour
Shrub planting Shrub planting €20.00 / hour
Trench digging Trench digging €20.00 / hour
Landscape design and installation
Decorative bark on borders Decorative bark on borders €20.00 / hour
Garden design Garden design €20.00 / hour
Garden wedding design Garden wedding design Starting from €20.00
Hardscapes, laying paths and walkways Hardscapes, laying paths and walkways €20.00 / hour
Holiday and party decoration Holiday and party decoration €20.00 / hour
Landscape design and installation Landscape design and installation €20.00 / hour
Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting €20.00 / hour
Outdoor Living Outdoor Living €20.00 / hour
Seasonal Services Seasonal Services €20.00 / hour
Site Care Site Care €20.00 / hour
Sports Turf Care Sports Turf Care €20.00 / hour
Subgrade preparation Subgrade preparation €20.00 / hour
Lawn care
Advice and design Advice and design €20.00 / hour
Lawn care Lawn care €20.00 / hour
Lawn edging Lawn edging €20.00 / hour
Lawn edging removal Lawn edging removal €20.00 / hour
Lawn edging stones Lawn edging stones €20.00 / hour
Lawn mowing Lawn mowing €20.00 / hour
Lawn renovation Lawn renovation €20.00 / hour
Lawn scarification (e.g. moss removal) Lawn scarification (e.g. moss removal) €20.00 / hour
Lawn seeding Lawn seeding €20.00 / m2
Lawn strimming Lawn strimming €25.00 / hour
Lawn turfing Lawn turfing €20.00 / m2
Soil excavation Soil excavation €20.00 / hour
Subgrade preparation Subgrade preparation €20.00 / hour
Turf laying Turf laying €20.00 / m2
Palm tree care
Palm tree general maintenance Palm tree general maintenance Starting from €35.00
Palm tree planting Palm tree planting Starting from €30.00
Palm tree pruning Palm tree pruning Starting from €35.00
Palm tree treatments Palm tree treatments Starting from €20.00
Tree care & pruning
Stump removal Stump removal Starting from €20.00
Tree care Tree care €20.00 / hour
Tree felling Tree felling Starting from €20.00
Tree pruning Tree pruning Starting from €35.00
Tree treatments Tree treatments €20.00 / hour
Waste disposal (green waste) Waste disposal (green waste) €20.00 / hour
Tree planting
Fertilising and nutrition Fertilising and nutrition €20.00 / hour
Hole digging for plants Hole digging for plants €20.00 / unit
Installation of support accessories Installation of support accessories €20.00 / hour
Trees, shrubs, flowers planting Trees, shrubs, flowers planting €20.00 / hour
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